I go to church at the Vineyard. One of the things we believe is that God can and will move in the world through miraculous acts. When reading the book of Acts, we see clearly that the model Jesus provided is continued in his disciples. Healing, knowledge, leadership, and many other gifts are demonstrated over and over.

Some Christians believe that all that has stopped, and point to the lack of miracles as evidence for it. This is, at best, disingenuous. There are entire denominations, such as Assemblies of God, that do practice miraculous gifts and see them occur on a regular basis. Unfortunately, some of those same churches are plagued by what I would consider to be poor teaching. The same set of messages is preached over and over, where the variation comes from the verses used, rather than the message itself.

Why should I have to choose between solid biblical teaching and the truth that God still moves in power, is still Lord of creation, and still acts in miraculous ways to save and encourage His sheep? The short answer is: I don’t. I go to a church that has both.

I didn’t always believe in miracles, mind you. I spent a lot of time as an atheist/agnostic, later got into the occult, and finally got saved. As a mathematician, I have a very scientific, analytic approach to things. Miracles, for most of my life, were not a reality. While in the occult I conducted “double blind” experiments that convinced me of the reality of the supernatural. I have spent time since then in churches that both did and did not support the idea that God performs miracles today.

Seeing one of those miracles is a little different, however, from “believing” in them. I don’t see a lot actually happening around me. Recently, however, I have been prayed for and had a chronic pain in my spine relieved (scoliosis bites). I have prayed for others and seen their pain relieved. I have also prayed for some people where nothing happened (the Vineyard Bible Institute has classes that explain why healing doesn’t always occur). Last Sunday, however, was perhaps the most impressive event I have seen to date.

For background: Saturday night, SybilRowan (my lovely wife) ate some food that just didn’t agree with her. Her stomach got so upset that she ended up sending the entire meal back via the toilet. She had pain in her side (I didn’t know about), and was generally miserable. The next day, she had white stools. I’m no doctor, but a quick check on the internet told me that is either bad, or very bad. I didn’t know it, but the pain in her side was continuing. By Sunday night, we were both scared.

I felt prompted to pray for her. I don’t recall the details of the prayer, but when I pray a healing prayer that will be answered, the only way I can describe what seems to happen is that I don’t pray, God prays through me. This is what was happening. I talked about how God created all life, how He breathed life into us. I didn’t know where it was going, but after a bit of praying like this, praising God and speaking about how he is the author of life, I leaned close to Sybil’s side and breathed on it. I think I said a couple closing things and the prayer was done.

The next day, I found out two things: 1) Her side had been hurting until the moment I breathed on it. When I did that, the pain stopped and she felt a cooling sensation go through her where I breathed. 2) Her stools were brown again. You wouldn’t think a brown stool would be cause for excitement and joy, but it was.

My personal belief, given that we never had a diagnosis, is that something was going on with her liver, and that it was healed. What I know for sure is that she feels much better, and wants to take care of herself moving forward. Healing is real, and God is prepared to bless you.


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