Love Demands Justice

One of the most irritating things that happens when discussing the nature of God, is encountering someone who insists that God has to let most anyone into heaven because “God is love”.  The logic seems to go something like this:

  1. God is love
  2. I would never exclude someone I love from heaven
  3. Since God’s love is more perfect than mine, He wouldn’t either

The problem with the argument becomes apparent if you switch from English to Greek (or at least the key words.

  1. God is agape
  2. I would never exclude someone I phileo from heaven
  3. Since God’s agape is more perfect than my phileo, He wouldn’t either.

Can you see the difference?  God is focused on what is best for you, regardless of how it makes Him feel.  You, however, are focused on what makes you feel good, and seek to find a way to help those you phileo feel good with minimal personal discomfort.  The implied comparison is not valid, nor is the conclusion.

God’s agape love requires that he provide justice.  Think about children: if you have two children that are fighting, you have to discipline them.  It isn’t that you don’t love them, but that you do!  If you do not inflict justice on your children, then the fight will continue, and fights in general will be more frequent.  Sooner or later, at least one child will be seriously injured.  To not actively discourage fighting would be to not love.  Love demands that you bring justice, complete with punishment, to your children.

God is no different.  He has stated certain requirements to hang out with Him.  If we do not meet those requirements, we must “sit in the naughty chair”, to quote Super-Nanny.  The idea is basically the same as the Super-Nanny method: God/parent explains to human/child what the rules are, and what the consequences are.  Afterwards, the human/child chooses whether to operate within the rules, or accept the consequences.  Just as a parent must enforce the consequences to keep order and safety in the home, so must God enforce the consequences.

God MUST, out of love, enforce justice.  That justice demands punishment for sin.  God allows us one out: Jesus’s payment of that sin.  If we do not accept His payment, then we must accept it, and go to Hell.  To do less would be for God to be unjust, which is an unloving thing to do.


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