Looking for a King

“Jesus is Lord”, “The Lord reigns”, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done”, these are statements that attest to the kingship of our God.  God is given power and glory and honor, yet I don’t think most Americans have a clue what any of that means.  Stop for a moment, and try to think of a king who embodies the meaning of the word.

My family has been in the US long enough to have fought in both the civil and revolutionary wars.  As a result, I tend to think of British monarchs first.  From the perspective of royalty, the current royal family is a joke.  They have no power, they just have a lot of money and get to wander around from time to time making appearances.  They have no true authority.  King George, the guy who we fought around 230 years ago, wasn’t much better.  He was already losing power and making deals to stay “in charge”.

The truth is, I cannot think of a benign king that has embodied kingship within recent history.  There are, however, some fine, practical examples of less savory “kings” in recent history.  Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-Il, Stalin, Hitler, and Fidel Castro are examples of people who seem to truly embody the concept of a king.  They have (or had) absolute power over their subjects.

A king has the ability to issue an edict and have it instantly obeyed.  The law is whatever the king says it is.  Rebellion is punishable by torture and death.  A king is intimately involved in everything of significance that is occurring.  To publicly speak ill of a king is to risk punishment or death.

There is an obvious difference between God and these types of kings, however.  God has no need to act out of paranoia or fear.  His rule is never in jeopardy.  He never need worry about rebellion, or anything else.  Most of all, God is love (agape).  He wants what is best for us, not what is most pleasurable for Him.  This is in sharp contrast with the tyrants who are love (eros) of selves, and care nothing for their people.

Take some time to consider the true authority God has as king, and then realize that sin means you are a rebel.  You may have sinned only once in your life (though I have sinned every day of my life, if not every hour I’ve been awake), but that is all it takes to make you an enemy.  At that instant, God is completely within His rights to have you tortured or killed.  Instead, he offers mercy.  God requires that payment for your sins be made, and he offers you the divine credit card, Jesus’s death, to make payment.  Accept payment, ask for mercy, and God will take you back.  Refuse the only payment, and you remain an enemy to God.  Hitler and Stalin killed people by the millions, yet God makes their power look like nothing.  You do not want to be the enemy of the king.


3 Responses to “Looking for a King”

  1. Philip Edwards Says:

    Enjoyed the above.

    Christians believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ died on a Cross to save us of from sin…Since Jesus is also the God of Abraham and worshiped by; Christians, Muslims and Jews…why war.

    Jesus expects one simple requirement for our salvation…”Believe in me.”

    Please continue writing.

    Phil Edwards

  2. WingedPanther Says:

    Unfortunately, Jesus is NOT worshiped by Jews or Muslims. Muslims view Jesus as a created being, not as God. Jews view Jesus as a pretender, not as God.

    Moreover, if you look at the description of God that Jews and Christians worship, and compare it with the God that Muslims worship, you will find two very different descriptions of God. The God that Jews and Christians worship is a God that cares about us, knows us, loves us. This is a God that intervenes in the affairs of man on an individual level. By contrast, the God of Islam is a distant, impersonal God. The Muslim God is radically different from the God of Christianity.

    The Koran teaches that Islam is the ONLY true faith, and that everyone who is not Muslim (including Christians and Jews) is an infidel. It teaches that Christians and Jews have a flawed understanding of God, and gives them a little more respect than, say, Hindus, but only a little. Some statements in the Koran can be interpreted as a call to conversion by force.

    Ultimately, Islam can be an aggressive, confrontational religion. Worse, historically, two groups were promised the land that is currently Israel: Arabs and Jews. This promise was made by the British government during WWII, and then the Arabs got screwed. For both religious and historical reasons, there are two groups of people who claim ownership of one piece of land. Why should war be surprising?

  3. Philip Edwards Says:


    My above response was based on The Holy Trinity and believed only (in Christianity)…However the singular God of Abraham is believed by Chrisitians, Jews and Islam.

    War is a well developed killing machine for mankind anywhere on the face of this sweet earth. Any excuse (teaching, religion, government..etc). is a creation of man. Be land, be Helen of Troy, name it and off to war we go! The USA’s very economy still has a deadly War Industry bent. Nukes have, so far, been used by America..I hate War!

    A government makes a promise or treaty ad infinitum..The Native Americans almost evaporated because of treaties…

    Enjoy your writing…Keep it coming.


    Phil Edwards

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