Evolution vs Christianity

One of the things that seems to run through Christian circles is whether the theory of evolution is compatible with Christianity or not.  Before I get too far, I want to make one thing clear: unless we invent a time machine, it is impossible for science to prove the age of the universe.  There are a variety of theories that can be proposed, but if God can create the universe, He can create it in such a manner that it was actually created about 6000 years ago but appears to be vastly older.

With that, I believe that evolution is incompatible with Christianity.  It is possible that one, the other, or neither is true.  Now, I know that there are people who will disagree with me and say that Christianity and evolution work just fine together.  The reason I disagree is sin.  If mankind evolved from more primitive lifeforms, then we come from an amoral background and are still essentially amoral.  Sin cannot be applied to us because we are still bound by our instincts.  We cannot be held accountable for what we do that is bound by natural actions.

Some will argue for directed evolution, where evolution is the mechanism, and God drives it forward.  That still has the problem of tying us to more primitive natures.  A God who evolves us creates us with an inherently imperfect nature.  To expect us to act perfectly is unreasonable, and such a God cannot be respected.

Christianity starts from the premise that we are wholly accountable for our actions.  We know right from wrong, and willfully choose to do wrong things.  This is inconsistent with us evolving from a state where our sole purpose is to breed the next generation successfully, and survive at the expense of others.  Evolution’s ideals promote the very attitudes that Christianity condemns.

The problem with Christianity and evolution is sin.  If we are evolved creatures, we are inherently sinful by the process of evolution.  We were created flawed, incapable of choosing not to sin, and then expected to be perfect.  That is not just, and that would mark God as unjust.  That contradicts what Christianity teaches about the nature of God.

There are other possibilities, such as creation + Islam, but I do not see a way to combine evolution and Christianity.  Why, then, would I align myself with Christianity when so many smart people say the theory of evolution is true?  There’s something very simple: the Holy Spirit.  Miracles do happen, and they are consistent with what Christianity says should happen.  Those same smart people who say I should believe the theory of evolution say I should follow the scientific method.  The evidence I have observed leads me to conclude that the supernatural is real, and Christianity is true.

I have to believe what the evidence leads me to.  The evidence for evolution is circumstantial at best.  The evidence for the reality of the Holy Spirit is not.  I follow the evidence.


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