Why Do We Do Church This Way?

Thinking about what church is like in America, and looking at how it’s described in the Bible, I have to ask a question.  Why?  Think about it: in almost every church in America, the main focus is people coming to a building on Sunday morning, singing some songs, listening to a preacher, and then leaving.  The types of songs vary by church, and some churches have extra gatherings throughout the week, but that’s about it.  Oh, and the number of times a month that communion is celebrated varies, too.

Contrast this with the Biblical model.  People met together in their homes.  When they had fellowship, they were friends.  They took interest in each others’ problems.  They shared their resources together.  Look at this, and contrast it with “doing church” in the US.

I think we did church last night.  My wife and I went to some friends’ house.  We took some food over, and our friends had some food.  We talked over dinner, and then spent time praying over our respective concerns.

I’m blessed with a wonderful father-in-law who hasn’t been to church in years.  He’s a great Christian man.  He reads his Bible daily.  He loves his wife and children.  He’s a man I can, and do, respect.

I don’t have an answer, but it feels like we’re doing it all wrong.  I think we’re supposed to be meeting together as friends.  We don’t need pastors, we need people who are willing to share what they know with those coming along behind them.  So the question becomes, what are we doing, and are we screwing it up?


3 Responses to “Why Do We Do Church This Way?”

  1. johncolumbo Says:


    It sounds like you are being moved to a place where you realize that we are missing the discipleship part of the picture. I agree with what you said. We are missing something and I think it is that (at least for men) we need to get together and learn our Bible together, talk, care for each other by being interested in each others issues and helping each other … basically living life together.

    As we do this we will experience the power of God that is in us. We need to shut off the TV, start saying NO to a bunch of pointless activities and invest our time in the people around us and rest.

    We need to hurt and agonize over our friends that do not know Christ and not simply talk about all the “bad” things “they” do. I was a “they” at one time.

    Man, you got me started.
    I will pray for you and you do the same for me that God makes our vision clear for our generation and He be glorified!

  2. WingedPanther Says:

    My problem right now is that my brain is churning with ideas and dissatisfaction that I have a hard time getting out in a coherent way. I’ll probably be doing a few more blogs on this. There is a burning ember within me that screams “This isn’t right!” Now I just need to figure out what the fix is. I think the Old and New Testaments are the starting point 🙂

  3. johncolumbo Says:

    Yea, perfect place to go for the answer! 🙂

    I have a meeting with my pastor this coming Wednesday to talk about just this. I also just watched one of my Podcasts and was more than surprised to find that the preacher (Francis Chan) talked about was exactly this as well……….. it seems like we’re not the only ones being stirred by the Holy Spirit my brother.

    You can get to the podcast I saw by going here http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=85203845 it is the one called “Gospel Training Part One” with a release date of 8/1/09

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