You Can Be A Missionary For Christ

In our quest to reach out seek and save the lost, we often miss the most fruitful mission ground of all: the person in the pew next to us. Americans spend thousands of dollars to send missionaries around the world in an effort to spread the Gospel. Unfortunately, we frequently assume the people on either side of us already know the message they help fund with their tithes.

Start with a simple question: do you know the Gospel? You should be able to state it in about five sentences without quoting the Bible. Don’t spout off “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, so that whosoever believeth in him might not perish, but have eternal life.” If you know what it means, say it in other words that aren’t loaded with assumed meaning. If you don’t know what it means, you really need to stop anything you’re doing in church and find out.

Add another question to this. Assuming you’ve just clearly stated the Gospel, when’s the last time you heard it clearly stated in your church? This is an important question. I’ve been in some churches where I could be there for years, and not hear the Gospel stated in a service. If you haven’t heard the Gospel recently, then odds are the person next to you hasn’t, either.

Now, let’s get tougher. Have you accepted the Gospel? Not just acknowledged it as a fact that is true, but incorporated it into your life? Have you committed yourself to seeking to be obedient to God? Do you life your life knowing that you are a sinner, whose life was paid for by Jesus? Do you understand that your sins deserve a punishment that was more extreme than the scourging and crucifixion as portrayed in The Passion of the Christ? Are you grateful for Jesus taking that punishment for you, or do you avoid the knowledge with a deep sense of shame?

Here is the ultimate question. Does your life show it? This isn’t about whether you go to church on Sunday morning, or whether you sing in the choir, or whether you sometimes make a mistake. This is about your deepest, core values. Do you read the Bible when no one’s watching? Do you limit the things you read on the Internet? Do you worry more about what people think about you, or what God thinks of you?

As you think about all these things, I want you to realize something very important. If you have troubles with these questions, how would the person next to you answer them? Do you know? Do you have any idea? Before you worry about making sure a missionary can make it to China, or Iraq, or the South Bronx, make sure you know where the person next to you stands. If you don’t know, do something radical: find out.


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