“But miracles are impossible!”

One of the interesting challenges in our modern world is the remarkable skepticism towards miracles. It can make trying to argue in favor of Christianity very difficult when someone dismisses the possibility of Christ’s resurrection as flatly impossible.

It’s important to realize what is truly behind the objection before you attempt to present more evidence, or otherwise argue for miracles really happening. Simply stated, many people believe that there is either no God, or that He does not or cannot interfere with events in the world. The unfortunate part is that many Christians hold this belief, stating things like, “He used to perform miracles, but doesn’t any more.”

It’s important to understand that you and the person you are trying to reach have fundamentally different assumptions. You accept the reality of God, the deity of Christ, and numerous miracles that have been performed over centuries. A non-believer frequently believes there is no God, which means violations of the natural order are inherently impossible, or in a passive God who will never choose to violate that order.

To have a meaningful discussion about Christianity, it is important to have both people acknowledge the possibility of an active God. Perhaps the person you’re talking with hasn’t noticed a miracle because it was small and not flashy. Perhaps no miracles have occurred around that person at all. Regardless, if you can’t agree to the possibility of miracles, then any evidence you present for Christianity will be dismissed out of hand.

Imagine trying to win a court case where you aren’t allowed to present any evidence, present any witnesses, or cross-examine any of the opposition’s witnesses. Could you ever win in such a situation? Only if the opposing side tanked their own case, which isn’t likely.

There is, of course, one other possibility. Ask God to perform a miracle for this person. It may be knowledge, healing, or something else. If you are willing to be an agent of the miraculous for God, then you are in a position to be used by God to directly reveal His reality.


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