How to balance the U.S. budget in 3 easy steps.

OK, we have to balance the budget.  Got it.  How?

1) Start by estimating how much money will come into the US Treasury this year.  Don’t raise taxes, hope for a strong recovery out of nowhere, etc.  Just make a simple estimate.  That’s how much money you have to work with.

2) Look at all the existing programs.  Anything that is not BLATANTLY constitutional gets set an initial value of $0.  Notice: that means you actually have to read the constitution.  If you haven’t looked at it recently, you can look at it here:  That means the IRS is legit, the military is legit, the US Department of Education, Social Security, and Obamacare are a bit sketchier.

3) At this point, if there’s money left over, other programs can be looked at.  If you ran out of money, then you have to cut money out of the blatantly constitutional programs/departments.

As a side note, you could look at historical data about tax rates and revenue rates to try to pick a more optimal tax rate (it would be lower) for getting more revenue.  However, you have to work with what’s realistic.



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