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I remember 9/11

September 11, 2011

It’s interesting, ten years later. Today I can shed the tears I could not shed then. Perhaps it’s the shock that has worn off.

I was teaching algebra to college students. Class started at 8am, and we took our first break at 9am. I left the break with word that a plane had hit the towers. At the 10am break, I watched a tiny television, and I knew we had been attacked. There was a half hour left of that class, that I managed to forge through. At 10:30am we switched classes, and I didn’t teach anything. We were all in shock, and no one could think about manipulating x’s and y’s.

In the days that followed, we learned that followers of Islam had declared Jihad on America. We learned that a man named Osama Bin Laden had succeeded in attacking us on our soil. We learned that Islam was a religion we were terribly ignorant of.

I have the fortune to have befriended some Muslims online since then. I have had the opportunity to learn about what it teaches. I have had the chance to be proud of our military, and ashamed of those who would rather be cowards than stand up to evil.

Today, I have the misfortune of seeing a president who seeks to placate those who might be called to Jihad. I have the misfortune to see organizations like CAIR seek to protect Islam from criticism, rather than help guide it to be the religion of peace so many like to call it. Today, I see people in the media who have forgotten that there is an enemy that has declared war on us.

I remember 9/11. I remember that we were attacked. I remember that the enemy is still out there. Evil is real. We have only two choices: fight it with all our strength, or succumb to it.

If you are a Muslim, you have a choice as well: guide your fellow Muslims to a path of peace and justice, or join them in evil. If you mindlessly defend your brothers, you have joined them in evil.