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Reading the Qu’ran

November 8, 2012

I’ve started reading the Qu’ran. It’s an English translation for Android:

I’m on the fourth Sura, and have come to one major conclusion: the Bible and Qu’ran can NOT both be true. The Qu’ran refers to a number of passages in both the Old Testament and the Gospels. When you compare them, it becomes very obvious that they are inconsistent with each other. Saul is credited with Gideon’s filtering of his soldiers by how they drank water. In the Qu’ran, Zechariah’s period of muteness is measured in days, not months.

While it should be obvious which I believe to correct, my point in this is that these are just two of many examples where they cannot both be true. Despite this, Muslims are encouraged to refer to the Old Testament and Gospels (it’s not clear to me that the letters are considered authoritative by Mohammed).

It begs the question, how do Muslims account for this discrepency? I’ve heard that Muslims believe the Biblical documents were altered into falsehoods, but it then becomes important to consider WHEN that alteration occurred, and whether we can reconstruct what the unaltered documents might be.

I’ll probably add more as I proceed, but these are things that really jump out at me.